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Idaho Aviation Association (IAA)

Idaho Aviation Foundation (IAF)

Idaho Airstrip Network (IAN)

The IAF is a major supporter of the Idaho Airstrip Network (IAN) and has been designated as the entity that receives and distributes grants and donations for IAN projects. Both the IAF and the IAA have taken leadership roles on the IAN Steering Committee (IAN-SC), which guides the management efforts of airstrips within the IAN system. The IAN consists of owners and users of Idaho's backcountry airstrips. The primary purpose is to establish standards and coordinate projects for all public use backcountry airstrips in Idaho.

One of the major goals of the IAN-SC is to classify each airstrip according to a set of standards which have been documented in the Classification Matrix PDF.

For purposes of airstrip project planning, it is important for the IAN to keep-up with the conditions at each airstrip. To do so, the IAN-SC must rely on the help of those who use the airstrips. A simple Airstrip Maintenance Checklist PDF has been developed for pilots and others to use to evaluate the airstrips they may be using. Each evaluator should use the standards found in the "Classification" column (first column) of the Classification Matrix PDF. The standards for each type of airstrip, Wild, Primitive, Developed and Community, are identified in general terms in the row titled "Types of amenities that might be provided at airstrip" and the row titled "Types of airstrip maintenance which might be scheduled."

Questions regarding airstrip evaluations may be directed to Todd Glass at 208-334-8893 or Larry Taylor at 208-484-2153.

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