The J. Curtis Earl Idaho Aviation Foundation (IAF) was established as a companion organization to the Idaho Aviation Association (IAA). The IAF was formed as a contribution based organization for the purpose of benefiting and preserving all airports within Idaho. It was established as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) foundation to facilitate tax deductible contributions.

From the outset it was envisioned that the IAF would serve as the funding source for airstrip maintenance and improvement projects, educational pursuits, and other beneficial purposes while the IAA, as a not-for-profit organization, but without tax exempt status, would focus its financial resources on political advocacy to protect access to and the continued existence of airstrips within the jurisdiction of the government agencies.

The IAF funds aviation projects, makes educational grants, and sponsors special initiatives such as the Wilderness Within Reach program. The IAF has a capable and motivated board which guides the IAF in its pursuit of projects beneficial to aviation interests and negotiates for the protection and preservation of our precious airstrips.