Big Tires and Campfires Raffle

Here are the 2019 winners of the top prizes:

Winner Ticket Number
Airframes Alaska 31-inch Bushwheels certificate Airframes Alaska Paul Nielsen 877
Cubcrafters landing gear
Cubcrafters Don Lojek 755
Atlee Dodge Northern Companion Engine Pre-Heater Atlee Dodge Jody Hawkins 710
Atlee Dodge Northern Companion Engine Pre-Heater Atlee Dodge Patrick Miles 313
Signed and numbered print of the BC Airstrip with $100 certificate for framing Big Creek Lodge Rocky Baker 37
Dakota Cub Fuel Selector Valve Dakota Cub Thomas Donnelly 641
AeroLEDs landing light AeroLEDs Doug DeHaan 784
Garmin inReach SE Aviator Supply Wendy Lessig 1000
One night stay for 2 at BCL, all meals Colleen Back
Mike Macon 148
Steve’s Aircraft Gascolator certificate Steve's Aircraft Jess Hennis
ANR Headset Pacific Coast Avionics Jake Hayes 376
Oregon Aero Seat Cushion Oregon Aero Jess Hennis

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Saturday, June 15
Big Creek Lodge on the Big Creek Airstrip

Raffle drawing at approximately 10:00 a.m.

The raffle is sponsored by the Idaho Aviation Foundation (IAF), a non-profit organization. All net raffle proceeds are donated to organizations that preserve, protect, and maintain backcountry aviation. In 2017, net proceeds were over $11,000. In 2018, net proceeds were over $14,000.

Big Creek Lodge re-opened in August 2018 after a five-year rebuilding effort by the IAF and approximately $1.5 million in outlays and donated materials. The results are stunning.

Big Creek Lodge - Exterior

Big Creek Lodge - Interior

Big Creek Lodge is a great destination for breakfast!
Breakfast Special, Saturday 7:30-10:00 a.m.: $10/plate. Save $10!

Raffle Prizes Galore!

Alaskan Bushwheel Tire

Join us for the nearby Big Tires and Campfires Fly-In!

As always, the Raffle will be held in concert with the informal, non-hosted Big Tires and Campfires Fly-In at Johnson Creek airstrip. The Johnson Creek airstrip is widely regarded as the jewel of Idaho backcountry airstrips.

The purpose of the BTAC Fly-In is fun, camaraderie, checking out new products and equipment, and enjoying the remarkable Idaho backcountry airstrip system. The Fly-In has been held in June every year since 2005 and is on many pilots' bucket lists.

Where your dollars are going:

In 2017, net raffle proceeds were over $11,000. In 2018, net proceeds were over $14,000.

Donation results for 2018:

Johnson Creek North
Live Webcam: Johnson Creek North

Johnson Creek South
Live Webcam: Johnson Creek South

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