Grant Guidelines

These informational guidelines outline requirements and procedures for applying for grant support of an Idaho aviation activity.

The Idaho Aviation Foundation has limited funds available to support its mission but welcomes proposals for programs and projects designed to achieve results consistent with that mission.

Current Program Priorities

Developing Potential Facilities

Improving Existing Facilities

Promoting Aviation Through Safety, Education & Awareness

Activities Not Supported

The IAF does not fund flight training, educational scholarships, candidates for public office, or other programs inconsistent with our charter.  In addition, the IAF will not grant funding in arrears or refund money already spent.

Grant Award Amounts

Grant awards vary based on project scope.

Proposal Submission Guidelines

Proposal Deadlines

Proposals may be submitted at any time, but grants are awarded and administered on a semi-annual basis. Funding decisions are typically announced at the start of each semi-annual period approximately July 1 and January 1.

Alternatively, an informal "Project Summary" may be submitted for comment prior to application to assess potential if desired. IAF will comment on the submission but no decision will be made based on summaries.

Proposal Length

Proposals generally should not exceed four pages and follow the format described below.

Proposal Submission

Proposals or a Project Summary should be submitted via email as an attachment in MS word (*.doc) or (docx), or public document format (*.pdf). Send only one proposal in each email.

Acknowledgment of Receipt

IAF will acknowledge receipt of proposals. Please indicate in your submission the email address to use in acknowledging receipt. Also, if the proposal is being submitted to other funding sources, please disclose that in your submission and any other pertinent information that may affect IAF's decision.

Proposal Format

Name and Description of Proposed Project or Program

On the first page, clearly describe your project or program including goals, objectives and the area of IAF mission that it addresses. Please describe and explain the purpose of the project, i.e., what you are trying to accomplish in simple terms. Include in this section the specific activities to be undertaken; the measurement criteria to be used in evaluating the project; the names of the people or firms who will be conducting the project; and the schedule under which the project will be pursued. If the project schedule is time-sensitive, i.e., must be done during certain time periods or on a seasonal basis, please indicate the time constraints in this section. Other information to provide includes:

The purpose of this section is to describe your project and the expected benefits. You may also indicate how the Idaho Aviation Foundation support will be important to your project or organization.

Budget and Spending Plan

On page two, provide a project budget and schedule for expenditures. If there are other sources of funding for the project, indicate how the IAF funding will be incorporated into the overall project budget. List significant items/categories of equipment or supplies to be purchased, services to be contracted, amounts of time or work involved and any funding that will be provided for yourself or others in attaining your objectives. We want a realistic budget and a plan for expending grant funds.

Please be clear in projecting the time line for your project. Indicate when the funds will be needed including the final report described below.

Proposals for matching grants are welcome and should include any assurances that have been received from other organizations for funding the project.

Relevance to Idaho Aviation Foundation and Project Reporting

On pages three and four (if needed) your proposal should briefly discuss how your project meets the objectives of the Idaho Aviation Foundation and the expected benefits to be derived from the project. If there are other organizations that formally support or endorse your proposal, these should be discussed here. The proposal should also specify how the success of your project will be measured and evaluated.

At the conclusion of the project, the IAF will expect a written report describing the outcomes along with a report of expenditures of grant funds. The final report should include a refund of any unused grant funds.

Please understand that this final page including both the discussion of relevance and the reporting plan will be critical for Idaho Aviation Foundation's acceptance of a grant request. The IAF, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to approve or disapprove any proposal, and all submissions become the property of IAF without reservation.

IAF Conditions for Acceptance for Awards

If a grant is awarded, IAF will notify the applicant by email and hard copy, which will specify conditions to be fulfilled by the applicant.  The applicant must agree to comply with all such requirements by signing and returning the document before the funds will be dispersed.

The conditions provide for such reporting and feedback as needed by the IAF to assure that the project is completed as proposed; that unused funds will be returned; that the applicant will be responsible for reporting and paying any taxes that might be due; and that any other conditions are met.

Submitting Proposals

Please send your proposal via email to:  [email protected]

Written communications may be addressed to:
Idaho Aviation Foundation, P. O. Box 2016, Eagle, ID 83616